Sunday, September 18, 2016

LCDS 53rd Annual Dahlia Show - A Recap

This past weekend, the Lane County Dahlia Society held its 53rd Annual Dahlia Show at the Lane Events Center. Exhibitors came from all over Oregon and Washington to show and judge the very best blooms. Thanks to a wonderful front page article in Friday's Eugene Register Guard, the show experienced large, enthusiastic crowds, eager to learn more about dahlias.

Below is a recap, highlighting the best blooms in the Show. A special "Shout-out" to Portland exhibitor Nathan Payne. Nathan is a Novice, growing and showing dahlias for the first time this season. Nathan had a whopping 7 entries make the Head Table this weekend and one was chosen Best-in-Show. Congratulations Nathan on this amazing achievement!

Best 1-Bloom Fully Double in the Show
"Clearview Audrey"
Nathan Payne

Best 3-Bloom Fully Double in the Show
Mike Iler

Best 1-Bloom Disc Center
"Kelsey Kristie"
Lexa Cookson

Best 3-Blooms Disc Center
"OJ's Sunspot"
Larry Smith

Best Basket in Show
"Chimicum Troy"
Christy Parks

Best Arrangement in Show
"Beam Me Up"
Margaret Kennedy

Below is a listing of other Head Table awards won by members of the County Dahlia Society.

Best 1-Bloom "AA" entry in the Show
Mike Iler

Best 3-Bloom "AA" in the SHow
Mike Iler

Best 1-Bloom Novelty Open in the Show
Kathy Iler

Best 1-Bloom Orchette in the Show
Seedling "194120"
Kathy Iler

Best 1-Bloom Peony in the Show
Brian Fullerton

Best Amateur 1-Bloom "BB" in the Show
Dan Duffy 

Best Amateur 1-Bloom Stellar in the Show
"River's Nemesis"
Tom Heath

Best Amateur 1-Bloom Ball in the Show
"Snoho Dorris"
Tom Heath

Best Amateur 1-Bloom Pom in the Show
"Pop Willo"
Deb Gilmer

Best Amateur 1-Bloom Miniature Ball in the Show
"Chimicum Troy"
Deb Gilmer

Best Novice 1-Bloom Pom in the Show
"Irish Glow"
Carol Prud'homme

Best 1-Bloom "AA" Floater in the Show
"AC Ben" 
Deb Gilmer

Best 1-Bloom Waterlily Floater in the Show
"Pam Howden"
Camille Noel

Best 3-Bloom Waterlily Floater in the Show
"Cameo, Sandia Showmei, Pam Howden"
Cheryle Hawkins

Best Collection of Miniature Dahlias
"Martina, Brian's Dream, Don C."
Cherlye Hawkins

Best Arrangement, in the theme;
 "Saturn's Rings"
Camille Noel

We leave with a few additional pictures, which we hope capture the color, vibrancy, and fun that was our 53rd Annual Dahlia Show.

The Show Hall. Open Section

Information Table

Basket Entries

Once of our tables full of Arrangements

The Head Table

And a few more shots taken out on the entry tables.

Friday, September 2, 2016

LCDS 53rd Annual Dahlia Show

The Lane County Dahlia Society's 53rd Annual Dahlia Show
"A Galaxy of Dahlias"

Where: The Wheeler Pavilion, The Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, OR

When: Saturday, September 17th, Noon- 6:00 PM
             Sunday, September 18th, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Admission is Free! Come help the Lane County Dahlia Society celebrate its 53rd Annual Show. There will be hundreds of dahlia varieties on display, exhibited by dozens of growers from all over the Pacific Northwest. There will be an information booth staffed by LCDS members ready to answer all of your questions and free handouts too. Just outside the Wheeler Pavilion is a dahlia garden tended by LCDS members. Bring you camera and your questions and prepare to be amazed at the display. We will see you there!